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What's It Like to Live in North Kingstown, Rhode Island

David Callaghan & FamilyThirty years ago, realtor David Callaghan and his wife left Manhattan with a six-month-old in tow, landed in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, and never looked back. 

“North Kingstown has been a great place to live and raise our two children,” says David. “Very good schools, town facilities, and historic Wickford Village are among the best reasons to live in NK.” In addition to its quality of life, David says North Kingstown “offers the best of all worlds” with its close proximity to Newport and Jamestown, the stunning South County beaches, a simple commute to Providence, and easy access to both I-95 and T. F. Green International Airport. David notes he’s also appreciative of being so close to “some of the best restaurants in the Northeast,” citing nearby Plum Pt. Bisto in Saunderstown, a small village and historic district in the towns of Narragansett and North Kingstown, as one of his favorites. 

As boaters, David calls the very quaint Saunderstown Yacht Club a gem on the western shore of Narragansett Bay. “We love to head out from Saunderstown and cruise Newport Harbor, or just float around and watch the sunset over Casey Farm.” 

North Kingstown, a charming community nestled in the heart of Rhode Island, offers a lifestyle that combines the tranquility of suburban living with easy access to urban amenities. Known for its top-notch schools, comfortable household incomes, multiple communities, and a wealth of recreational opportunities,  North Kingstown offers a diverse range of housing options to suit every lifestyle and budget.

Education: A Commitment to Excellence

One of the primary reasons families choose to settle in North Kingstown is the exceptional quality of its schools. The town's public school system consistently ranks among the top in Rhode Island, offering students a robust and well-rounded education. Most recently, North Kingstown High School was been ranked number 4 out of 56 public high schools in Rhode Island (ranked by Niche, an education platform). The school ranked number 3 for best high schools for athletes and number 5 in the “best college prep public high schools” category. 

Diverse Educational Opportunities: The North Kingston School District is committed to providing a diverse range of educational opportunities for students. This includes advanced placement (AP) courses, vocational training, and special education programs, ensuring that every child's needs are met.

Dedicated Educators: The town boasts a team of dedicated and passionate educators who go the extra mile to inspire and empower their students. Small class sizes enable teachers to provide personalized attention, fostering a nurturing learning environment.

Strong Parental Involvement: The North Kingstown community values education, with parents actively involved in their children's schools. This collaborative spirit between schools and families contributes to the overall success of students.

Access to Higher Education: North Kingston is conveniently located near several prestigious universities and colleges, making it an ideal place for families seeking higher education opportunities for their children.

Household Incomes and Economic Stability

North Kingstown's household incomes reflect a comfortable and stable standard of living. The town's economy is driven by a mix of industries, contributing to a healthy job market and overall economic well-being. Here's a closer look at the economic factors that make North Kingston an attractive place to live:

Median Household Income: The median household income in North Kingstown is higher than the national average, with 2021 census data showing the median household income of North Kingstown households was $104,026. This financial stability allows residents to enjoy a high quality of life with access to various amenities and services.

Diverse Job Market: The town benefits from a diverse job market, with opportunities in healthcare, education, technology, and manufacturing sectors in or nearby, including Providence, providing access to a broader range of employment options.

Low Unemployment Rates: North Kingstown consistently maintains low unemployment rates, ensuring that residents have access to stable employment opportunities.

Thriving Small Business Community: The town has a thriving small business community, with locally-owned shops, restaurants, and services that contribute to the community's unique charm.

Economic Resilience: North Kingstown's economy has shown resilience, even during challenging economic times. The town's ability to weather economic storms has instilled confidence in residents and investors alike.

Recreational Opportunities: Embracing Nature 

Beyond its educational and economic advantages, North Kingstown offers a plethora of recreational opportunities, allowing residents to maintain a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. Here are some ways in which the town encourages its residents to live life to the fullest:

Natural Beauty: North Kingstown's landscape is adorned with natural beauty. From lush parks and nature reserves to serene beaches along Narragansett Bay, residents have ample opportunities for outdoor recreation, including hiking, biking, boating, and fishing.

Cultural Attractions: The town celebrates its rich history and culture through museums, historic sites, and annual events. The Gilbert Stuart Birthplace and Museum, for example, is a must-visit for history enthusiasts.

Active Community Life: North Kingstown fosters a strong sense of community through local events and gatherings. Farmer's markets, festivals, and town-wide celebrations provide opportunities for residents to connect and engage with their neighbors.

Sports and Fitness: The town offers a range of sports and fitness facilities, including golf courses, sports complexes, and fitness centers. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or looking to stay active, North Kingstown has something for everyone.

Arts and Entertainment: Residents can enjoy a vibrant arts and entertainment scene, with local theaters, galleries, and events like the annual Wickford Art Festival in the summer, the summer concert series at the town beach, Wickford Daffodil Days in the spring, the fall Harvest Festival at Smith’s Castle, and more. 

Real Estate in North Kingstown

The real estate market in North Kingstown is as inviting as the town itself. Here’s a snapshot:

Diverse Housing Options: From historic homes with New England charm to modern suburban developments, North Kingstown's real estate market provides a diverse selection of housing. Whether you're looking for a spacious family home, a cozy condo, or even a waterfront property along the scenic coastline, North Kingstown has it all.

Steady Appreciation: North Kingstown's real estate market has shown steady appreciation over the years, making it an attractive investment opportunity. The town's desirability, coupled with its strong community and quality of life, has contributed to the enduring value of properties.

Competitive Yet Stable: While the market can be competitive, it remains stable, offering opportunities for both buyers and sellers. For prospective buyers, North Kingstown provides a chance to invest in a comfortable, family-friendly community. For sellers, the town's appeal ensures a consistent demand for properties.

Agents from Teri Degnan Real Estate  & Consulting, LTD are well-versed in the intricacies of North Kingstown's market. They can guide you through the buying or selling process, ensuring you make informed decisions. Whether you're seeking to buy your dream home, upgrade your living situation, or make a smart investment, North Kingstown's real estate market offers a wealth of opportunities in a town celebrated for its quality of life. It's a place where homeownership isn't just about having a property; it's about embracing a vibrant community and a fulfilling way of life.

If you're considering relocating to a community that combines the best of suburban living with access to urban amenities, North Kingstown may just be the perfect place to call home.

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